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We believe that maths tutoring is about helping students to solve their own problems and improving their own performance. At MCW we facilitate learning by giving the students the knowledge and tools they need to solve their mathematical problems and so gain confidence in maths but also their overall ability to learn. This, in turn, will result in success in school as well as in other areas of their lives.


Maths Coaching  Wanaka provides:

  • Maths tutoring for students Y1 -10
  • Positive working environment
  • Individual programmes which are continually reviewed
  • Qualified teachers
  • Maths extension programmes
  • Individual lessons
  • Group lessons (3 students max)
  • After school tuition
  • Day time classes available
  • Intense learning without distractions
  • Discount for bookings for a term
  • Personal challenge
  • Increased mathematical knowledge
  • Improved school results
  • Independence with your learning
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • The skills to achieve and exceed your learning goals
  • Academic success
  • Links to other experienced NCEA tutors


Book an individual lesson or a group session, come as often as you like, Maths Coaching Wanaka offers flexibility so you can get the support you need when you require it. Sessions last for 60 minutes, each group has a maximum of 3 students but all math tutoring is on a one to one basis as each student is following their own individual lesson plans. We also provide individual lessons if you feel this would work better for your son/daughter.

We can also provide links to other teachers who can support you with NCEA Maths, English and Science.


The session times are Monday- Friday 3.30 – 4.30, 4.35 – 5.35 & 5.40- 6.40pm . Individual lessons can be arranged for any time that works for us both. In term 3 there will be additional group sessions running in the mornings as well.


  • $50 / hr for a group session (max 3 students)
  • $80 / hr for individual lessons
  • 10% discount is given for purchasing a block of 10 lessons. These must be used within a term.


Nikki has participated in both our daughters educational journey for many years with outstanding results. My two daughters are keen to learn under her direction in a welcoming environment that is fun and effective. Without her direction and gentle encouragement kids can easily become lost in the forest of knowledge they are seeking.


Nikki has tutored both of our sons in Maths in their primary years. Nikki is a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher that has an ability to get the most out of her students. As a parent that doesn’t enjoy and let’s be honest loath Maths I am delighted that my children through Nikki’s encouragement excel in Maths and enjoy all aspects of it. We would highly recommend Nikki for any student that is looking for someone to help them with their school work, whether it be for traditional tutoring or extension.


We have known Nikki in a teaching capacity for approximately seven years, she has taught both our daughters. Nikki is an outstanding teacher, she has a natural ability and always adapts the sessions to the students level . Nikki has excellent communication skills and makes learning fun for the students. Both our daughters have flourished under Nikki’s guidance.


If education starts with a relationship between the teacher and the child then Nikki leads the way. She immediately builds rapport with boys and girls and uses her humour, energy and guile to ensure that the kids (even young boys!) focus and learn. Both our daughter and son appreciated the mix of straight teaching, computer based activities and evaluations and consequently their confidence (and their abilities) improved in the subjects they were working on